Communication is the key to any good relationship. Right across the board, it matters not whether it is personal, business, political or cultural.

The English language can be challenging at times. Certain words can convey the meaning of what is being said, however there are subtle differences of interpretation, word definition and inflection that all play a very large part in being able to perceive the meaning of what is  being voiced.

Take the easy words like Gratitude and Appreciation as an example.
One person may have an attitude of gratitude for what they  have, yet someone else would be more comfortable with an attitude of appreciation for what they have.

Gratitude and appreciation are what I call nuances…… shades of meaning. Some people apprehend, grasp, comprehend, understand the nuances, and some people don’t.

Then you have the ‘poles apart’ word like Revolution. This is a word that in certain circles can cause a great deal of misunderstanding. To one person it can mean cycle, phase, upheaval, rebellion, bloodshed and yet to another person it means freedom, autonomy, independence, liberty.

I am not going to even consider touching on jargon, colloquialism, slang, etc.
However I will briefly touch on Inflection. Basically when used with certain intention, Inflection can frequently assist a person who has been asked to leave an area to either look forward to their journey or start another world war.

The bottom line is choose your words carefully.

Be well



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