Winter Solstice

Yesterday was a day of “buckets of bolts, rubber mallets, screw drivers and hiccups” as far as our system was concerned. However, finally things are working and am passing on this mail.

Winter Solstice

We are living in a world where we are always busy and never get to connect to each other as friends or family, never mind remembering to celebrate special moments in our own planets yearly cycle. Today is winter solstice for those in the southern hemisphere (and summer for those in the north), the shortest day and longest night and mid-point of winter, from tomorrow we move into Spring.

Just a quick reminder to look at what winter is about, a time when trees have shed their leaves and are using stored energy and resting before using the energy in Spring and Summer to burst forth with new leaves, flowers and fruits.

My wish is that you take some time out in your busy schedule to reflect on what you have already achieved and congratulate yourself on that. To think about what you want to achieve in the coming year and to start planning what action you will need to take, to achieve your planned goals and dreams. Take some time today to open up and feel the Universal waves of love and beauty around you. Show gratitude for all your blessings (both big and small), reserve your strength and plan for your future where your plans grow and eventually bear fruit.

May we learn to go with the flow like the reeds alongside the river, that bend and adjust to changing levels of water or wind, rather than standing rigid and straight and possibly breaking when the power is too strong. Let us all learn to rather go with the flow, moving with the current and trusting it, possibly moving towards the centre of the river and floating rather than fighting the current and possibly getting knocked against rocks at the edge.

Personally I am looking forward to Spring and all the joys and colours it brings into my life. May sunshine and moonbeams always light your path in life!

In- Joy



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  1. Tanya Grantham

    I love looking at winter from a different perspective! We are so focused on the cold (admittedly, it is hard to ignore) that we forget that winter is a time to reflect and prepare, and grow. So, I agree – let’s spend sometime consolidating what we know and rejoicing in what we have achieved. This will pave the way for an exciting spring!

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