Who Are We?

Everyone wants to be liked, yet some of us bend over backwards a little too far. Often it’s due to a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, being on the “outside, looking in”, childhood trauma, like being bullied at school. On occasions we stress out, put a “flea” in the ear of a staff member, or co-worker and then worry about whether “they” still like us.
Who is the authentic Me?

Stress and pressure mounts when we worry whether Aunt Jemima, or the Vicar will like the gifts we gave them. The internal dialogue/monkey chatter rears its head – “Told you we should have got the other gift for Auntie, and the Vicar’s gift, can you really see him in a T shirt that says, “Top of the Pops”? Please, please let them still like us.”
Who is the authentic Me?

Family, friends, somebody, anybody, asks; – “Would you do me a huge favour and pick up Pickles from the dog parlour?” “I can do that, no problem.”
An sms comes in – “Hi Sis, can you fetch Mary from school, still having my nails done.” Reply “Sure no probs.”
On the way out the door to fetch Pickles, phone rings!
A salesperson with a’ special’ on carpets – “Yes, 4 o’clock is fine” (just could not say No!).
Another sms, it’s Mother, “Haven’t been to see me all week, I made cheesecake, your favourite.”
Total and utter capitulation, “I’ll pop round now. Can’t stay long, have errands to run.”
Who is the authentic Me?

When we endeavour to please all the people all the time, there comes a stage when we start to feel like a pressure cooker! It is only a matter of time before we blow off steam.
Why? Because we can’t say “No”.
Why? Because we want to please everyone.
Why? Because we want to be liked.

When we discover who we are, warts and all, and show Acceptance for who we are, show Appreciation for our various abilities, show or give ourselves some Caring and Compassion, show an attitude of Gratitude for who we are and what we have, and when we are able to do all that, what do  we find?  “We like ourselves”.

We are not defined by the outer shell we wear or the various masks we wear. So to find the ‘Authentic Me’, we need to do a few things in order for change to take place – yes, sometimes it is hard to do, yet what an incredible treasure to be re-discovered.

Essentially, where we find ourselves in life, is where we have placed ourselves.
So let us take a few steps towards a life of authenticity.
Live from a place of integrity.
Say what we mean and mean what we say.
Learn to use the word “No” when necessary.
Institute boundaries.
Take back our power.
Recognize the essence of Me.
Pay heed to and love ‘The Authentic Me’.
Because the ‘Authentic Me’ is a truly unique and irreplaceable being, loved by all.

Be well and allow the ‘Authentic Me’ to shine.


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