‘Wanted’ – More Laughter

I have republished this with todays date  while I try to remember what I can and can’t change

1.  People who have a good laugh at least once a day.
2.  Do you think you are great fun to be with?
3.  Someone who can name at least 2 books that have made you laugh out loud.
4.  Someone who can take having the “mickey” taken out of them.
5.  Name 2 films that have had, or nearly had you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Generally speaking we really need to lighten up – in fact I would go as far as to say that it is becoming imperative for our health.

On a global scale more and more people are becoming stressed out, depressed, unable to cope, getting angry, becoming ill, and largely due in part to daily doses of negativity along the lines of crime, corruption, sabre rattling, fanaticism, as well as the all time favourite – GREED.

We need to take responsibility and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. In a lot of instances we can and are able to sort out our stress levels, coping mechanisms etc., in a more natural way by allowing ourselves some time and assistance, rather than going the chemical route with medication.

Something simple to try:
Stop watching the news or reading newspapers. Try it for 1 week, keep notes of what your days were like in those 7 days.
If you are a ‘news junkie’, you will probably experience ‘withdrawal symptoms’ for the first couple of days – believe me, you will survive!
If you really, really have to read a newspaper, please find one that is at least 48 hours old  that way you will be reading ‘history’!
Join a class of – Meditation, Chi kung, Yoga, Archery, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Origami, Gardening, Ikebana,  Water aerobics, Photography, Art, Music etc., etc.
If none of those work, learn Pranayama/Breathing technique.
Or just sit quietly for a few minutes and contemplate your navel!

It’s common knowledge now that the positive advantages of Laughter, Smiles, Hugs, Words or a Touch on the shoulder, have positive effects on the body and mind. These are priceless and natural gifts that are inherent in all of us and incredibly good habits to form. We just need to use them a whole heap more.

Smiles, hugs, touch, laughter and words are more than just being or having a momentary happy or joyful experience. Without any realization on our part there is an automatic release of endorphins into the body and we receive a total ‘tune-up’. Blood pressure comes down, breathing improves, lungs, back and stomach muscles all get a good work-out. Our eyes sparkle, posture improves, we feel great, sleep better, and we look younger.

It is obvious that one cannot be happy and up-beat all of the time. However, I do believe that in the majority of cases and circumstances, it is how we choose to react to any given situation that determines our happiness, experiences, abundance (in all its many forms) and our positivity in and to life.

If you are someone who fills the 5 criteria of the ‘wanted’ – more laughter, do share your secret or experiences and let us know how you manage to stay up-beat and positive.

Be well





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