Emotional Freedom Technique

It has been well documented that stress, anxiety and overwhelm have deleterious effects on the body and mind, the ability to think or articulate clearly is affected.

Stress is a ‘silent, invasive destroyer’ of ones mental, emotional and physical state…. it impacts on the endocrine, nervous and immune systems which can as a case in point,lead to weight gain.

This occurs when adrenaline and cortisol chemicals are released into the body and a result is, digestion slows, blood vessels constrict, and brain and body function changes take place, and that ‘determines’ how strong ones cravings are for eating the wrong foods.

Emotional Freedom Technique is very effective for minimizing cravings and so makes losing those extra kilograms easy and do-able.

Excellent results are obtained for a number of ‘accepted’ (“runs in my family”… etc.) problems that many people own as part of their lot in life and just live with them on a daily basis.
This need not be the case when one has the opportunity to, and is able to, use and learn a very easy and effective therapy such as the Emotional Freedom Technique… it sets one free to live, enjoy and have a whole new lease on life.

A condensed list of problems that can be addressed with Emotional Freedom Technique :

LACK : self-esteem/confidence – ANGER ISSUES – PHOBIAS – NOT WORTHY – ADDICTIONS: food/smoking – GUILT – RELATIONSHIPS – etc., etc.