Crystal Resonance Therapy

Crystal Resonance Therapy is a modality using crystals or gemstones to interact with the human energy system, which encompasses the aura, chakras, meridian pathways and the central vertical axis.

Crystals have unique vibrations and properties and by using the ordered atomic structure of crystals, it is possible to bring about cleansing and balancing of the body’s various energy fields of the person receiving a crystal treatment.

Working with crystals is, to a degree, an intuitive process. They are another healing ‘tool’ or catalyst, that enables the therapist to assist the person to bring about healing, and balancing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

An imbalance within the body’s system can cause health problems: stress, tension, lethargy, headaches, general dis-ease, aches and pains, etc.

Placing a crystal lay-out or pattern on, or around a person, can enhance their energy fields with the crystals light and vibration. This assists in the clearing and releasing of blockages and negative energy (in all its forms), and facilitates homeostasis. Optimum health is brought about, by balancing the vital life force and joy is again found in ones day to day living.

TIP For the week

Feel a little stressed, holding on to anger or could do with a boost and some healing? Try wearing or carrying with you the humble Aventurine. It helps dissolve stress, negative emotional and mental thoughts, and behaviour. Balances your energies and affords you emotional calm and well-being.