Time out on Sunday

Sitting in my garden partaking of this glorious day, really “laid back” for a change and doing absolutely nought other than (have the odd sip of tea) bask in the sun like a lizard!

Awesome azure sky not even the wisp of a cloud insight. Watching some of the trees oscillate gently in the light breeze, almost giving a little shake to shed leaves of different hues – yellow, rust, gold – helping them to float down and so begin the next cycle of their journey, giving back in the only way they can, assisting in replenishing the Earth. Their way of showing gratitude?

Acacia trees, already bear of leaves as they await winter, their beautiful dark brown seed pods laying all around the base of their “mother”, I pick one up, it shares its unique sound with me as I gently shake it, the rattle is the sound of Africa – home.

Doves, Bulbuls, Cape Robins calling to each other, back and forth and for a few moments a lone Lourie makes its presence known. Some of the birds scratching in the fallen leaves and finding the hidden treasures, of ants, worms, beetles , seeds, and so the cycle continues.

A young Oak tree with its leaves of bronze is a spectacular sight with the last rays of the sun as a backdrop and its leaves look like burnished gold.

As I take in and watch all this going on around me, I remember why I love Africa, why it is my home. From South Africa all the way to the north, to my ‘landing site’/birthplace on the Copperbelt, and a wee bit beyond, such awesome lands.

How grateful I am for today and the opportunity I have (and taken) of being in the present moment and for being able to journey back in time and remember all the steps taken, that have brought me to this beautiful day, and the gratitude I feel for everyone and  everything I have in my life.

Wherever you are, take some time and try it – sit back and watch it all unfold in front of you – be attentive, take notice, feel, listen, smell, touch and do all of that with the “eyes of your heart”. It is cleansing and humbling.

Be well and I wish you a glorious day:>)



  1. Candice

    Beautiful – thanks for the reminders of everyday beauty all around us!

  2. Roosmaryn

    What amazes me each time I read or hear a person’s experience of being present, aware, is that I experience it fully with them.
    I hear the birds, the rustling of the leaves in the breeze, I see the blue blue sky..and I feel eternally grateful for the gift of life.
    It has become a shared, beautiful moment.
    Thank you.xx

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