Thieves of Time

Procrastination seems to be alive and well and comes in many different guises.  Excuses, dithering, vacillation, delaying, wavering, justification.

Some would argue that it has nothing to do with excuses, that it is simply a case of : ‘not enough time, swamped at work, school work, extra lessons, work late, it is scheduled for tomorrow, need a new paint brush’, etc., etc., the list is endless. Bet there are some heads nodding in agreement. Why? Because tomorrow never quite gets here!

The bottom line is if there is something that needs to be done, attended to, patched, darned, cleaned, goal to be achieved, decision to be made, change in life-style, book to be written, painting to be finished, or whatever……  YOU KNOW IT, SO DO IT.

Be Counted. Step forward and take responsibility for and own the situation or problem. Not enough time, equipment, where-with-all, support, etc., these are all excuses. Become a ‘no-excuses person’. Step forward……  Be a Role Model.

Motivation. Simplicity itself. Be realistic, list the pro’s and con’s, seek professional advice if needed. Be sure and clear about why you want it and your reason for accomplishing or achieving it, your goal or dream……  Be Passionate. 

Solutions. 99.9% of problems have solutions. Need a reliable car, lose some weight, new job, get fit, etc. Look around, ask around, step out of your comfort zone. I care not what you believe or have been told in the past about your abilities or capabilities.There is no doubt in my mind that you are definitely smarter and stronger than you think you are. Shed the – yes, but’s……  Be The Beneficiary.

End Result.  Be Passionate. Be Positive. Pay attention. Focus on the positive outcome of what you are able to and want to achieve. Ultimately, and to a large extent, you are the helmsman and navigator of your life. You know all this and more, so……  Be A Doer.

Be well




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