Well I did eventually enjoy my tea and toast, and with the marmalade the charcoal was an added bonus of little crunchy healths running through my body. I was still just relaxing, enjoying the tea when my cell phone disturbed the peace, ringing and vibrating on the desk in my office.  Answering the call I found the reception so bad I asked my caller to hold while I looked for a tall tree to climb in the hopes of improving reception! Fortunately it was somebody who knew me and was aware of my warped or peculiar sense of humour.

Returning to savour the last of my tea, my thoughts turned to the general lack of telephone communications, be it lack of land lines, theft of cables for the copper content, inefficient service or plain lack of cutting edge technology ‘know how’. There  is not what I would refer to as any healthy, service orientated, business competition within the telecommunication sector here.

This got me recollecting some of  ‘the good old days’. How much more peaceful life was, little or no stress, definitely a more laid back time.

*Remembering the art and success of toast done to a turn on the top of a good old fashioned coal or wood stove.
*Telephone would ring and there was no need to do a fifty yard/fifteen metre dash (clue to my era). Generally you could get there in your own time, because whoever was on shift at the exchange more than likely knew if you were home or out working!
*Someone in Lusaka fell off a horse and broke a leg, and if you were in Kitwe or further afield, you would probably hear about it via the ‘grapevine’, in lets say 48 hours. No time for panic to set in!.
With today’s technology the rider would still be on his way down to kiss the grit and within a few minutes the scenario would be on You Tube, or captured on somebody’s cell.
*It was a time when everyone knew just about everyone else.
*How many neighbours or people in your road, complex to do really know?
*I hang my head in shame – not that many.
*Typewriters, carbon paper, two colour ribbons, black and red! Wow technology.
*Your Physician knew you, your family history, probably brought you and your children into the world. It was a time when doctors still made house calls!
A lot of people feel like account or file numbers now. You get noticed or known if you lean towards hypochondria.

Ah well, those were the days and before I am shot down in flames – yes technology can be great, I am endeavouring to use it and to move with the times, slow as the process may be!

Be well




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