The Fork in the Road

There is no doubt in my mind that our lives are dependant on the choices we make. To a great extent where we find ourselves in life is basically where we have chosen to put ourselves, for one reason or another.

We block ourselves at every turn by listening to all the internal mind skirmishes. All the  external opinions offered in ‘your best interests.’ Thoughts, words going off like a Gatling gun -‘yes you can’ – ‘no you can’t’ – ‘what would father/people say’ – ‘odds are against you’.

When this occurs we end up at the fork in the road where once again we indulge ourselves in procrastination, self-doubt, undeserving, not worthy, and a pity party ensues, etc., etc.  Basically what happens is that we never quite get ‘there’, we get stuck at the fork in the road. We no longer have the courage of our own convictions. We let our dreams die.

Eventually the Gatling gun sights are trained on new targets, everything and everybody is in the line of fire – lack of money, circumstances, other people, no opportunities, husband, mother, father, best friend, ad nauseam.

Part of the answer is to take a step forward, you are not a tree rooted to the ground. The step forward applies to life in all its many forms – health, studies, business, leisure, peace, travel, happiness, joy, laughter, vacations, harmony – we create it all with our mindset.

“We believe that each person directly participates, either consciously or unconsciously, in the creation of his or her own reality, including the reality of their health. The tools that we use in the process of this creation reside within us. They are our attitudes, emotions and belief patterns as well as an awareness of our spiritual self.” – Caroline Myss

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