The 21st… been and gone

So…. we survived and the world still spins! We have a second chance so to speak, to implement some of yesteryears ‘resolutions’ or shred them completely.

2012 has been interesting, one way and another…. for me the only way to describe the last 363 days is perhaps HG ( ‘Hiccups Galore’)…. personal, business, family, technology, etc. When I re-read those couple of lines I have to admit there have been many times filled with laughter, love, gratitude, happiness, friends, giving, receiving, hugs, etc.

It becomes obvious that I have looked at things with my head tilted more to one side, and that’s where the imbalance in 2012 has been…. in my head!   I have  made it through thus far with fewer bumps and scratches than I thought and lessons have been learned.

2013 is a year of New Beginnings, a time to ‘gird ones loins’, take the necessary steps forward towards change, to implementing the lessons that have been learned, to commitment and discipline and re-igniting ones passion in and for life.

These last few days give us the opportunity to ‘clean house’…. actually and figuratively so to speak. To let go of all material, emotional, negative thoughts, habits, judgements of others and self, procrastination and some people who have reached their ‘sell by date’.

When we decide to commit to being disciplined and step forward in order to change we find the strength to be who we know we can be. We find that life becomes a road worth travelling, with  very few detours, pothole, up hills and dead ends.

Because we have made the choice to change, the backpack becomes lighter, we retrieve our power and commit to being a better, healthier, happier, more wholesome and authentic…. ME!

May 2013 be a year of pure positivity, of peace, love, laughter and abundance in all its many forms,  an awesome 365 days just waiting for us to experience LIFE,  and make a difference, have a good one.

Be well.





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