Still Then

A few more recollections of  times gone by.

*Fresh milk had cream that would rise to the top of the bucket or bottle. You would skim it, whip it, churn it, and end up with wonderful home made cream, butter and cheese. Children knew milk came from cows, a four legged bovine.

*A small vegetable patch in the back yard would supply the family and maybe one or two friends. Succulent soft skinned tomatoes, vegetables that were allowed to grow up.
Not golf ball size gem squash, pods that have two or three tiny peas just starting to form …. s-no-w peas, good description!.
Seed could be collected for the next growing season. Good luck with today’s  genetically modified seeds.

*Mangoes had ‘hairy’ pips and the best place to eat them was in the bath, they were so juicy and tasty. Planted the pip and grew another tree.
Mango pips are virtually ‘bald’ now and good luck with growing a tree that will bear fruit.

Then there was family time, games played by all, spectators would usually be the smallest ‘ankle biters’.

*Family entertainment would include various board games, darts, carpet bowls etc.
*Football, cricket, bicycle polo played on the front or back lawn.
*Trips on bicycles down to the river to catch a few fish. Bonus – you learnt how to clean, gut and cook a fish on an open fire.
*Listening to talks or serials on the radio or reading books developed your imagination, The result was that youngsters wrote excellent essays at school.
Their work, not Mum, Dad’s or the Internet.

Probably ‘sticking my neck out’, however, from what I have observed and listened to, I think a great number of young ones and teenagers are unable to conjure up a scene whilst either reading or listening to a tale being narrated.
Images are readily supplied via television, dvd’s, internet, facebook, twitter etc.
Generally speaking communication skills leave a lot to be desired.
I have personally observed children and adults sitting in the same room and texting each other! How’s that for communication and role modelling!

Not going to touch on all the EMF’s floating around. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying technology sucks – I am saying that most people have no idea how to use it to their advantage and in a less harmful way.
Without technology I would not be able to voice my opinions, points of view or reminisce.

Be well




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