Smoke signal or Drum beat?

Any takers for a short course in an old style communication service?
As an ancient one, yet a mere babe in the woods, as far as the internet is concerned and only the “assistant” to the webmaster, I can only let out a wail of anguish and bellow for Great Aunt Jemima to give me STRENGTH! Don’t mind, don’t care who the webmaster is calling on.
At this advanced state of my life I am able to WALK faster than Telkom will allow me to load or even download information. Do not give me ‘connectivity’ problems, or that it is just a ‘blik brain’ and power cuts seem to play just as much havoc.
The start of the working week was one of those days when you experience a whole week on a Monday, and I can feel it in my bones that today is turning into another week of Monday’s on a Wednesday.
If anything more disappears or we “lose or misplace” anymore pictures and/or script, I will rearrange my keyboard into an abucus, screen will become a photograph frame and the cpu will be a designated doorstop, that even Jack, my golden retriever won’t be able to take for a walk! As for my desk it will either be donated to the smoke signal class or have sides put on and used as a base drum.
Need to take a few deep breaths and find my sanity and sal volatile.
HA! sal volatile – (ammonium carbonate + ‘bits and pieces’- scientific jargon)(mod L) volatile salt. Perhaps should just take a few more breaths.
Be well, smile and thanks for the load-sharing:-)



  1. Hi Ella

    Thank you for your interest.
    Right at the moment we are having some intermittent connectivity problems
    When I am able I will continue to watch the video – wher I’ve got to seems too good to be true
    This site is hopefully to handle local interest, but if there is that much money to be made
    it could be life changing


  2. Araújo

    really informative blog thanks for sharing and keep posting.

  3. Biolange

    this stuff is extraordinary thanks for sharing keep it up.

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