Resolutions vs Releases

I am not a fan of New Year resolutions, mainly because they never seem to be accomplished. Most are made on the spur of the moment or are tail-enders from the previous year.

Knowing and doing are two sides of the same coin…. ah, now add procrastination and we end up with something like:
‘….bought a great self-help book last week’.
‘Really, any good?’
‘Don’t know, hoping to have some time next week to start reading it’.
There is an old adage that sums it up …..’the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

Perhaps we should start the New Year with some simple steps like Honesty. Being honest with ourselves and putting the money where our mouths are. Will we really honour our resolutions?
Those who do honour them – Bravo! You have my admiration.

Maybe we should begin with de-cluttering our lives.
First our minds, by releasing all negativity of one sort and another –  stuff, things said, events, beliefs, etc., that upset us  years ago, and still do when we bring them to mind. When all that wasted energy is released, it is hard to believe how much room is created for positiveness to flow into our lives.

Second is our immediate environment.
When we let go all the paraphernalia, bits and pieces,  clothes 2 sizes too big or too small that we hang on to (all the things for those just in case times!), it signals to the Universe that we are ready and able to manifest and receive that which is actually needed in our lives.

Release – unchain – let go – liberate – unfetter – give up – untie – whatever label is used, the bottom line is that it brings homeostasis to us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and within our environment.
And the wheel turns, it rubs off on people we encounter, it is clearly shown by the change in attitudes of how we treat them and how we are treated in return.

So from me to you, HAPPY RELEASING THROUGH 2013

Be Well,






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  1. De-cluttering truly does free you. It helps to invite in new energy and thoughts. Every physical entity we hang onto requires energy to remain in our lives. If we give it away, we free that energy to be used elsewhere. The same applies to beliefs, grudges, patterns and habits. How much energy are you using to maintain these in your life?

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