Resolutions vs Releases

I am not a fan of New Year resolutions, mainly because they never seem to be accomplished. Most are made on the spur of the moment or are tail-enders from the previous year.

Knowing and doing are two sides of the same coin…. ah, now add procrastination and we end up with something like:
‘….bought a great self-help book last week’.
‘Really, any good?’
‘Don’t know, hoping to have some time next week to start reading it’.
There is an old adage that sums it up …..’the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

Perhaps we should start the New Year with some simple steps like Honesty. Being honest with ourselves and putting the money where our mouths are. Will we really honour our resolutions?
Those who do honour them – Bravo! You have my admiration.

Maybe we should begin with de-cluttering our lives.
First our minds, by releasing all negativity of one sort and another –  stuff, things said, events, beliefs, etc., that upset us  years ago, and still do when we bring them to mind. When all that wasted energy is released, it is hard to believe how much room is created for positiveness to flow into our lives.

Second is our immediate environment.
When we let go all the paraphernalia, bits and pieces,  clothes 2 sizes too big or too small that we hang on to (all the things for those just in case times!), it signals to the Universe that we are ready and able to manifest and receive that which is actually needed in our lives.

Release – unchain – let go – liberate – unfetter – give up – untie – whatever label is used, the bottom line is that it brings homeostasis to us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and within our environment.
And the wheel turns, it rubs off on people we encounter, it is clearly shown by the change in attitudes of how we treat them and how we are treated in return.

So from me to you, HAPPY RELEASING THROUGH 2013

Be Well,






The 21st… been and gone

So…. we survived and the world still spins! We have a second chance so to speak, to implement some of yesteryears ‘resolutions’ or shred them completely.

2012 has been interesting, one way and another…. for me the only way to describe the last 363 days is perhaps HG ( ‘Hiccups Galore’)…. personal, business, family, technology, etc. When I re-read those couple of lines I have to admit there have been many times filled with laughter, love, gratitude, happiness, friends, giving, receiving, hugs, etc.

It becomes obvious that I have looked at things with my head tilted more to one side, and that’s where the imbalance in 2012 has been…. in my head!   I have  made it through thus far with fewer bumps and scratches than I thought and lessons have been learned.

2013 is a year of New Beginnings, a time to ‘gird ones loins’, take the necessary steps forward towards change, to implementing the lessons that have been learned, to commitment and discipline and re-igniting ones passion in and for life.

These last few days give us the opportunity to ‘clean house’…. actually and figuratively so to speak. To let go of all material, emotional, negative thoughts, habits, judgements of others and self, procrastination and some people who have reached their ‘sell by date’.

When we decide to commit to being disciplined and step forward in order to change we find the strength to be who we know we can be. We find that life becomes a road worth travelling, with  very few detours, pothole, up hills and dead ends.

Because we have made the choice to change, the backpack becomes lighter, we retrieve our power and commit to being a better, healthier, happier, more wholesome and authentic…. ME!

May 2013 be a year of pure positivity, of peace, love, laughter and abundance in all its many forms,  an awesome 365 days just waiting for us to experience LIFE,  and make a difference, have a good one.

Be well.





An Encounter with Flu

I had just finished hibernating and for whatever reason went down with a bout of flu, spent about 7 days in bed and was very willing to trade in my head, throat and chest.

However, made it back to normal with all the energy and prayers sent my way, and to everyone my gratitude and thanks. Special thanks to Charrise, a good friend and Energy Therapist who assisted me greatly.

Charrise is a practitioner well versed in various modalities such as; Reiki, Chakra clearing and balancing, Quantum-Touch, Crystal lay-outs, Counselling and SCIO treatments will be introduced within the next few weeks. Her business is called Well Being and is situated in the Morehill/Northmead area in Benoni.

For further information and bookings call Charrise at Well Being on
073 233 1473


The Fork in the Road

There is no doubt in my mind that our lives are dependant on the choices we make. To a great extent where we find ourselves in life is basically where we have chosen to put ourselves, for one reason or another.

We block ourselves at every turn by listening to all the internal mind skirmishes. All the  external opinions offered in ‘your best interests.’ Thoughts, words going off like a Gatling gun -‘yes you can’ – ‘no you can’t’ – ‘what would father/people say’ – ‘odds are against you’.

When this occurs we end up at the fork in the road where once again we indulge ourselves in procrastination, self-doubt, undeserving, not worthy, and a pity party ensues, etc., etc.  Basically what happens is that we never quite get ‘there’, we get stuck at the fork in the road. We no longer have the courage of our own convictions. We let our dreams die.

Eventually the Gatling gun sights are trained on new targets, everything and everybody is in the line of fire – lack of money, circumstances, other people, no opportunities, husband, mother, father, best friend, ad nauseam.

Part of the answer is to take a step forward, you are not a tree rooted to the ground. The step forward applies to life in all its many forms – health, studies, business, leisure, peace, travel, happiness, joy, laughter, vacations, harmony – we create it all with our mindset.

“We believe that each person directly participates, either consciously or unconsciously, in the creation of his or her own reality, including the reality of their health. The tools that we use in the process of this creation reside within us. They are our attitudes, emotions and belief patterns as well as an awareness of our spiritual self.” – Caroline Myss

Be well,




Just a Thought

Apologies for lack of content due to hibernation, am hoping Spring is round the corner.

Generally speaking and from a mere layman’s point of view, “tradition” has it that when a person takes their last breath in this life, that all who are saddened need to mourn – a way of paying tribute.

I understand this, have experienced the death of family, friends and strangers I have heard or read about, and personally, I am and always have been at peace with death, I know it to be a fearless transitional stage of life.

However, I digress. I wish to pose a simple question; Would it not be more heart-felt, sincere and humbling for everyone, to make it known to the person how much you value them, whilst you still have the opportunity?

It has absolutely nothing to do with inflating your or their ego, or ‘keeping in their good books’. It has to do with compassion, love, honesty, integrity (so many labels), without emotional loss, sadness or guilt.

Society puts aside a day, sometimes a week or month to ‘honour’ mothers, fathers, children, women, youth, freedom, fauna, flora, water etc., out of 365 days! This should be an on-going daily way of life.

There are erroneous beliefs, still held out there by some people that one, ‘must be strong, keep a stiff upper lip, cowboys don’t cry, don’t do touchy-feely stuff’, etc. Words from the heart are not heard very often, rather a gift to show their feelings, and nothing wrong with that when it is done with an attitude and intention of love and mindfulness.

When last did you say to family or friend something like;
‘Thank you for being in my life.’ ‘Can I give you a hug?’ ‘You have brought joy to my life, thank you.’ – ‘You shared your knowledge and I am wiser.’
Today would be the day to let them know you care.

If a family member (or stranger for that matter) is in a retirement home, do endeavour to keep in touch, see them on a regular basis. Share your day to day news, the flowers in your garden, what you did over the weekend, just share.

You will find the elderly have a wealth of knowledge to impart, from growing strawberries, fishing, opera, travel, photography, cookery, preserves, chemistry, woodwork, art, life’s lessons – the list is truly endless.

When you embark on a journey like this you will find that you, the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, aunts, uncles learn something about each other. You gain a different perspective of life, and the belief systems of different generations. All this is hands-on experience  from another angle. When you open your mind and heart, start listening, sharing, understanding, you begin learning about yourself and others. None of which is taught in schools.

If you are able to share your talents and abilities with the elderly, it becomes a win-win situation. The joy that is felt in giving and receiving is done with an attitude of gratitude, and that encompasses love, understanding, compassion and state of grace.

All because you said thank you,  hugged someone or told them how much you value having them in your life. So make your tribute while you still have the opportunity to do so, no one knows when the last breath will be taken.

Be well,