Have you ever had one of those inner conversations that start in your head, seem to escalate, and before you know it you have an auditorium of speakers and discussions are going ten to the dozen?

The dialogue goes back and forth, thick and fast, pros and cons, until you have to find someone you can discuss or bounce all the for and against views off of, resort to writing it down on paper or using ‘new’ technology.

If anyone could hear the ‘private inner conversation’, you would probably be sporting a new tight fitting white wrap-around jacket!

I had one of those roller coaster rides the other day. All to do with technology that is available to make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

It all started with my 2 slice toaster which has a dial numbered 1 to 5, and a knob that rotates to each number, which by the way has no mark to show start, end or indicate whether it is on the setting that you want.

Set it on 5, in about four minutes it pops up no browner than when it went in. Put it back and reset it on 3 – hopefully. In approximately three to four minutes you have no option but to pop it up manually. One side is near perfect whilst the other side resembles charcoal, which as everyone knows is relatively good for you in small doses and ground up is an old remedy as a ‘dental cleaner’.

I have burnt more toast in the last eighteen months than in the previous sixty years!  Great aunt Jemmima, give me strength, all I wanted was a nicely toasted piece of bread and marmalade to go with my cup of tea.

Be well




Communication is the key to any good relationship. Right across the board, it matters not whether it is personal, business, political or cultural.

The English language can be challenging at times. Certain words can convey the meaning of what is being said, however there are subtle differences of interpretation, word definition and inflection that all play a very large part in being able to perceive the meaning of what is  being voiced.

Take the easy words like Gratitude and Appreciation as an example.
One person may have an attitude of gratitude for what they  have, yet someone else would be more comfortable with an attitude of appreciation for what they have.

Gratitude and appreciation are what I call nuances…… shades of meaning. Some people apprehend, grasp, comprehend, understand the nuances, and some people don’t.

Then you have the ‘poles apart’ word like Revolution. This is a word that in certain circles can cause a great deal of misunderstanding. To one person it can mean cycle, phase, upheaval, rebellion, bloodshed and yet to another person it means freedom, autonomy, independence, liberty.

I am not going to even consider touching on jargon, colloquialism, slang, etc.
However I will briefly touch on Inflection. Basically when used with certain intention, Inflection can frequently assist a person who has been asked to leave an area to either look forward to their journey or start another world war.

The bottom line is choose your words carefully.

Be well




Good or bad habits are learnt as far back as when we were still in our play-pens, maybe even further back, and it is those habits that have the tendency to influence our decisions and choices in life.

We generally know the negative habits that we have and ( if we are totally honest with ourselves) we know full well that they do not actually work for us.

There are of course varying degrees of habits; helping out when we can, regularly buying flowers on a Tuesday, always putting your left or right shoe on first,  squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle!

On the other end of the scale are;  the ‘tears’ (some find they work every time) , the ‘would you, could you just do…. for me’, judgements made about others. It is  these negative ones that frequently encompass other negative habits like procrastination, manipulation, and the deterioration of most relationships.

The positive habits are the ones that make an impact on our lives, the ones we use when we experience success in any given area of our lives.

It is these  habits that incorporate other positive labels; discipline,  commitment, perseverance and having the courage of our convictions. These are the ones we have ‘trained’, these are the ones we have used, these are the ones that we have on the odd occasion remembered to congratulate ourselves by perhaps patting ourselves on the back and saying, ‘Well done….’.

Perhaps one of the stumbling blocks with regard to change of any sort, is that most people have no or very little patience, they have allowed their mindset to be driven by instant gratification.

Positive behaviours start with intention and we can change our mindset and ‘train’ even the innocuous habits, to have positive outcomes.

It purely depends on how disciplined and committed we are in changing our life style to one of balance, success, happiness, joy, good health and well-being.

Be well


Make A Difference

Think of doing one of the following for each of the next 21 days. You can of course do another 21 days by making up your own things to do, to Make A Difference in your life as well as in someone else’s life.

1. Start the day with an open mind and a love of life
2. Act on what your intuition tells you
3. Do something for someone
4. Smile
5. Use words of encouragement
6. Say “Thank you”
7. Look inward before judging others
8. Give someone a genuine compliment
9. Open a door for somebody
10. Listen, small children are filled with “2 ft/60 cm wisdom”
11. Forgive yourself and others
12. Life can change at any moment
13. Show appreciation for what you experience and learn in the day
14. Small acts of compassion or service are noticed
15. Share your knowledge
16. Give a thought and prayer for those who are ill or homeless
17. Make someone laugh
18. Keep in touch with family
19. In small ways one person can make a difference
20. Write that letter, that you keep meaning to do, to a friend
21. End each day with gratitude for having the opportunity of making a difference in someone’s life

Be well



A Daily Intention

So the first week of 2013 has been and gone. Most people are ‘sort of’ back at work. I say sort of, because there will be raconteur conventions on most business premises recounting fun, food, frolics of the festive season.

Have you formulated an intention for this day? How your day will unfold and what it will bring you? What new experiences you will encounter?

Today is another chance at having a wonderful day, filled with new opportunities for you to LIVE your LIFE. You have to realize that with intention, comes the power and your innate ability to steer your life in the direction that is Best For You. After all, it is your life.

What better way of celebrating your life than to set and bring in to your life a daily intention, an intention of embracing every new day as another new opportunity to make the most of each moment in the day you are experiencing.

Live your life with intention, integrity and meaning, not for others, for YOU.

Being in the present moment is all you have. It is all there is.

Be well