Have you ever had one of those inner conversations that start in your head, seem to escalate, and before you know it you have an auditorium of speakers and discussions are going ten to the dozen?

The dialogue goes back and forth, thick and fast, pros and cons, until you have to find someone you can discuss or bounce all the for and against views off of, resort to writing it down on paper or using ‘new’ technology.

If anyone could hear the ‘private inner conversation’, you would probably be sporting a new tight fitting white wrap-around jacket!

I had one of those roller coaster rides the other day. All to do with technology that is available to make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

It all started with my 2 slice toaster which has a dial numbered 1 to 5, and a knob that rotates to each number, which by the way has no mark to show start, end or indicate whether it is on the setting that you want.

Set it on 5, in about four minutes it pops up no browner than when it went in. Put it back and reset it on 3 – hopefully. In approximately three to four minutes you have no option but to pop it up manually. One side is near perfect whilst the other side resembles charcoal, which as everyone knows is relatively good for you in small doses and ground up is an old remedy as a ‘dental cleaner’.

I have burnt more toast in the last eighteen months than in the previous sixty years!  Great aunt Jemmima, give me strength, all I wanted was a nicely toasted piece of bread and marmalade to go with my cup of tea.

Be well



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