For an hour of relaxing “Me Time” and guided Meditation  join Tave on Thursday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00.

Meditation is a natural state of awareness, it can be used to resolve inner problems and a way of gaining access to your inner wisdom and compassion.

Going into an altered state is nothing weird. You do it all the time. The question is whether you use the altered state to produce change.
Richard Bandler and John Grinder.   Frogs into Princes 

Attitude and Acceptance need to be brought to the meditation table. Meditation has nothing to do with making your mind a blank or endeavouring to have no thoughts. When you have an attitude of self-acceptance of all feelings and extraneous thoughts, and able to accept and understand that it all starts within the mind,  (for the mind is what we think of as ‘me’) it is then you begin to realize that for there to be inner peace, there has to be inner acceptance.

When you sit in meditation you train the mind to live in the present moment – mindfulness. The average persons mind is in a state of distraction in any given minute! Being able to live in the present, the mind is focussed and so experiences its hidden depths of compassion and wisdom.

Visualization – another form of meditation used to assist in developing focus and attention so as to connect to deeper states of awareness.  When asked, some people say they are unable to visualize, yet everybody can. Some may just do it in a different way to others, energy follows thought, therefore it is visualized.
As an analogy, your vehicle is in a packed parking area, yet because of the mental image you have in your mind, you are able to recognize and find your vehicle among hundreds of others. Visualization is not so much about trying to “see” the image, as it is about allowing your inner senses to perceive it.