It really feels as though I have spent some months trying to build this website.

It is probably only about a week, just feels longer because it is my first attempt at working in this programme & trying to understand widgets, themes & plugins. However it has been a heap of fun and I hope disproves the theory that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!

I do hope the information here is valuable to you, the reader and if you need assistance do not hesitate to call.



  1. Ann Bayman

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited to see this site up and out there, a fabulous beginning for the future. Love and Light!

  2. Pearl

    Looks beautiful Tave’, an absolute delight. As you and your family continue to ” pay it forward ” may the universe continue to bless you all as we continue to reap the benefits from the “masters” as you continue to share and expand your knowledge so freely with all.

    You certainly do practice what you preach and walk the talk…………….it has been a priveledge to learn from you as I have embarked on my spiritual journey. No amount of words could ever say Thank You enough.

    May you continue to expand your network and may it always be filled with Grace, love, light and abundant prosperity.

    Love to you all. See you tomorrow.

  3. Roosmaryn

    Hi you cleva cleva lady!

    I can’t stop smiling, for the total joy that is expanding in my heart. Well done. This is the way I would love to grow old(er)….forever willing to try brand new things.
    Thank you for your page.
    It IS good.


  4. Ceres

    i love your blog, don’t find many that are so clear, it is nice to see that someone really understands.

  5. Bedete

    nice job writing this up in a manner that most people can understand.

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