Make A Difference

Think of doing one of the following for each of the next 21 days. You can of course do another 21 days by making up your own things to do, to Make A Difference in your life as well as in someone else’s life.

1. Start the day with an open mind and a love of life
2. Act on what your intuition tells you
3. Do something for someone
4. Smile
5. Use words of encouragement
6. Say “Thank you”
7. Look inward before judging others
8. Give someone a genuine compliment
9. Open a door for somebody
10. Listen, small children are filled with “2 ft/60 cm wisdom”
11. Forgive yourself and others
12. Life can change at any moment
13. Show appreciation for what you experience and learn in the day
14. Small acts of compassion or service are noticed
15. Share your knowledge
16. Give a thought and prayer for those who are ill or homeless
17. Make someone laugh
18. Keep in touch with family
19. In small ways one person can make a difference
20. Write that letter, that you keep meaning to do, to a friend
21. End each day with gratitude for having the opportunity of making a difference in someone’s life

Be well



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