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Apologies for lack of content due to hibernation, am hoping Spring is round the corner.

Generally speaking and from a mere layman’s point of view, “tradition” has it that when a person takes their last breath in this life, that all who are saddened need to mourn – a way of paying tribute.

I understand this, have experienced the death of family, friends and strangers I have heard or read about, and personally, I am and always have been at peace with death, I know it to be a fearless transitional stage of life.

However, I digress. I wish to pose a simple question; Would it not be more heart-felt, sincere and humbling for everyone, to make it known to the person how much you value them, whilst you still have the opportunity?

It has absolutely nothing to do with inflating your or their ego, or ‘keeping in their good books’. It has to do with compassion, love, honesty, integrity (so many labels), without emotional loss, sadness or guilt.

Society puts aside a day, sometimes a week or month to ‘honour’ mothers, fathers, children, women, youth, freedom, fauna, flora, water etc., out of 365 days! This should be an on-going daily way of life.

There are erroneous beliefs, still held out there by some people that one, ‘must be strong, keep a stiff upper lip, cowboys don’t cry, don’t do touchy-feely stuff’, etc. Words from the heart are not heard very often, rather a gift to show their feelings, and nothing wrong with that when it is done with an attitude and intention of love and mindfulness.

When last did you say to family or friend something like;
‘Thank you for being in my life.’ ‘Can I give you a hug?’ ‘You have brought joy to my life, thank you.’ – ‘You shared your knowledge and I am wiser.’
Today would be the day to let them know you care.

If a family member (or stranger for that matter) is in a retirement home, do endeavour to keep in touch, see them on a regular basis. Share your day to day news, the flowers in your garden, what you did over the weekend, just share.

You will find the elderly have a wealth of knowledge to impart, from growing strawberries, fishing, opera, travel, photography, cookery, preserves, chemistry, woodwork, art, life’s lessons – the list is truly endless.

When you embark on a journey like this you will find that you, the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, aunts, uncles learn something about each other. You gain a different perspective of life, and the belief systems of different generations. All this is hands-on experience  from another angle. When you open your mind and heart, start listening, sharing, understanding, you begin learning about yourself and others. None of which is taught in schools.

If you are able to share your talents and abilities with the elderly, it becomes a win-win situation. The joy that is felt in giving and receiving is done with an attitude of gratitude, and that encompasses love, understanding, compassion and state of grace.

All because you said thank you,  hugged someone or told them how much you value having them in your life. So make your tribute while you still have the opportunity to do so, no one knows when the last breath will be taken.

Be well,



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