It is an inside job

It is an inside job

In order for you to move forward in life you have to look at and conquer your fears – in all the various presentations.

Life is a bit like an onion, you have to peel back all the negative layers, to get the prize. When you reach the heart/core of it you are able to find your “Yes I can”,  and your “Passion” in life. The positive answers to those procrastination moments of “I can’t today”, or the elusive “What do I really want to do with my life?”

There are many fears, the majority of which are internal fear based dialogue. If you look at your “belief wall” you find a great deal of writing on it, and I think it is safe to say that at least 90% of it was placed there by well-meaning people – parents, relatives, teachers, society, folklore, and even bullies.

Procrastination – fear based self-sabotage, a thief of precious time.
I think it was Donald Marquis who referred to procrastination as “the art of keeping up with yesterday.”

For just a moment, think of someone who always seems to be on the go, a person with such a busy schedule that you feel exhausted for them, when you listen to all they have to do or accomplish that day/week. Obviously there are various degrees of procrastination and not everyone with a heavy schedule falls into the procrastination category. However, what you do, what you achieve, what you deliver, is a far better gauge than the words you speak.

Procrastination, like most negativity, has various components or some sub-headings, and they in turn have sub-branches. A bit like a bowl of spaghetti.

Inaction – stay as you are, it’s a comfort zone, no change, no growth, no risk
Blame – put problem or situation at someone else’s door
Manipulation – ‘work load sympathy’, putting ‘it’ off, someone does it for you, ergo no failure
Hoping, Wishing, Praying – ‘things get better’, ‘I had more time’, ‘the Universe will do it for me’

Add to the sub-headings some everyday sub-branches of – don’t, can’t, should.
Don’t – have the experience, education, credentials
Can’t – what would people say/think, too old
Should – should I try? what do you think?

All of the above = Self-sabotage = negative internal dialogue = talking yourself “out of it”!

Ultimately the decision rests with you, continue as you are, or decide the majority of the writing on your ‘wall’ can be erased. Then you are free to take a deep breath, step forward and take Action, pick up the reins of Responsibility. Things Do get better, you Will have more time and you will be Rewarded by the Universe when you take action.
Assistance may be needed with the recovery of chipped/scarred self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, not deserving blocks. The solution is one of tapping into the problem/s by using the Emotional Freedom Technique, an easy and painless process, which will allow you to re-discover the intrinsic You and what You actually wish to achieve in life.

Be well, have a marvellous week(:>)



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