Way back in the early 1970’s,  a short article by June Callwood was published in the Readers Digest. Nearly 40 years later, I believe it is even more relevant and pertinent today due to the change in life style, the population explosion and stress that a large majority of people are subjected to on a daily basis.

The One Sure Way To Happiness

“Nothing on earth renders happiness less approachable than trying to find it. Historian Will Durant described how he looked for happiness in knowledge, found only disillusionment.
He then sought happiness in travel and found weariness; in wealth and found discord and worry. He looked for happiness in his writing and was only fatigued.
One day he saw a woman waiting in a tiny car with a sleeping child in her arms. A man descended from a train and came over and gently kissed the woman and then the child, very softly so as not to waken him. The family drove off and left Durant with a stunning realization of the real nature of happiness. He relaxed and discovered that ‘every normal function of life holds some delight’.”  

And so it is, that we are back to choice. If we live in the present moment, pay attention to and notice all the ‘small’ things that surround us, we start to experience a life of balance and happiness. There are so many things, that if we make a choice to,  will allow happiness into our lives. A new born child, a smile from a loved one, memory from yesterday or a hug. If we would but receive all the ‘small’ things into our lives with grace we would indeed find happiness and live fulfilled lives.

Be well and keep warm in the weeks ahead


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