Good or bad habits are learnt as far back as when we were still in our play-pens, maybe even further back, and it is those habits that have the tendency to influence our decisions and choices in life.

We generally know the negative habits that we have and ( if we are totally honest with ourselves) we know full well that they do not actually work for us.

There are of course varying degrees of habits; helping out when we can, regularly buying flowers on a Tuesday, always putting your left or right shoe on first,  squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle!

On the other end of the scale are;  the ‘tears’ (some find they work every time) , the ‘would you, could you just do…. for me’, judgements made about others. It is  these negative ones that frequently encompass other negative habits like procrastination, manipulation, and the deterioration of most relationships.

The positive habits are the ones that make an impact on our lives, the ones we use when we experience success in any given area of our lives.

It is these  habits that incorporate other positive labels; discipline,  commitment, perseverance and having the courage of our convictions. These are the ones we have ‘trained’, these are the ones we have used, these are the ones that we have on the odd occasion remembered to congratulate ourselves by perhaps patting ourselves on the back and saying, ‘Well done….’.

Perhaps one of the stumbling blocks with regard to change of any sort, is that most people have no or very little patience, they have allowed their mindset to be driven by instant gratification.

Positive behaviours start with intention and we can change our mindset and ‘train’ even the innocuous habits, to have positive outcomes.

It purely depends on how disciplined and committed we are in changing our life style to one of balance, success, happiness, joy, good health and well-being.

Be well


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