De-Stress Your Home

If within your waking hours things are planned properly you will find enough time to do small tidy-up jobs around the house.
Families need to pull together, more so nowadays than in the past. In many households both parents work, and if there are children, they too need to become involved.
Making a commitment, working as a unit and by doing small jobs around the house on a regular daily basis, means that everyone will find life so much easier and will be able to find a bit more time to breathe, talk, relax, laugh and have fun in a de-cluttered home.
Not for one minute am I advocating fluffing-up or straightening cushions on chairs or lounge suites and then not letting anyone sit down! A home needs a tidy ‘lived in’ look, not a look that resembles the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado having passed through.
If the ten suggestions don’t fit, make up your own. Not much in life is cast in stone.

1.  Make your bed in the morning. Even “knee-biters” can straighten their beds, they are in training.
2.  Tidy the bathroom when you have finished. Wash the bath so it’s ready for the next person. Hang your towel up properly. Wipe down the misted-up mirror. Put the cap back on the toothpaste tube and your toothbrush where it is supposed to be. Clean the basin. All this only takes a few minutes.
3.  Never hang your clothes ‘up’ on the floor. If they are dirty put them in the wash basket. If you are going to wear them again, put them on a hanger.
4.  If you recycle have a specific area for papers, cans, bottles etc., piles of clutter are really depressing, not to mention gatherers of dust.
5.  Make a notice board for all those notes and messages that are stuck on the refrigerator. Note them on a calendar or in a diary. De-clutter – your food is in there!
6.  Keep the kitchen tidy, wash and dry dishes, cups or glasses. Wipe down the sink, the stove top and counter tops.
7.  Empty the rubbish bin if it is full, especially last thing at night.
8.  Children’s clothes should be put away by the ‘owners’ if they are able to reach drawers or cupboards. They want to look ‘cool’ – so it teaches them to pack away neatly.
9. ‘Ankle-biters’ need a small basket to put all their toys, frogs and worldly goods in! It’s the start of basic 1-0-1 of de-cluttering, and they too are in training.
10. Do a quick pick up before you go to bed, you will sleep better. It is a wonderful way to start a new day…. nothing left lying around to trip over, no dishes in the sink.

With everyone pitching in it becomes a win/win situation, a way of life not a chore. Everyone who pulls their weight becomes a Role Model in the ‘pecking order’ of their family and in their life. It does not go unnoticed by family, friends or school mates .

Be well







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