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Usui Shiki Ryoho

Working with Reiki 1 for most people is a personal experience. Many practitioners have good memories of their First degree course – the vast majority of them talk about it being the turning point in their lives.    Course duration: 2 days   Investment: R450

As you continue on your Reiki 2 journey and also with the Master degree, you find they take you through a process of positive changes on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You experience change from within – improved health, well-being and self-awareness are just the tip of the iceberg! Your Reiki teacher is normally the first one to observe the change and growth taking place, then your family and close friends start noticing a “new you”. There are times when a gentle emotional release is experienced, this gives you the ability to put things into perspective, within your present situation, and you are able to do this with renewed clarity. Change is beneficial and so resistance to releasing negative behaviour patterns becomes a thing of the past, and in its place comes a “growth spurt” of positivity. Course duration: 2 days   Investment: R450

The level of Reiki Master is predominantly a level you need if you wish to continue your journey and have the privilege and honour of showing others the Path of Reiki. This level usually incorporates various subjects,  along the lines of;  co-dependency, auras, working with colour, crystals etc.,  dependant on your Reiki teacher. Course duration: 1 year  Investment: O R

Crystals Part 1  &  Part2

Part 1 of the Introduction to Crystals will  take you through: How crystals develop, their sensitivity to temperature changes,  and various crystal shapes. How to safely cleanse crystals, suggestions of which crystals to use on energy centres, elixirs, what crystal to use for your pet. Just a few of the categories covered that will set you on a road with new skills.

Part 2  mainly covers the practical use of Crystals. Hands-on work where you will be given various lay-outs, it incorporates wearing crystals, crystals for meditation etc. Crystal work is a versatile modality and another technique to add to your ‘Energy Tool Belt’! 
Course duration: 8 hrs over 2 days    Investment: R5o0


Basic Photography Workshop

Basic DSLR Photography workshop.
Module 1: Relationship of variables.

This workshop is aimed at anyone that wants to get more out of their camera.
We will cover: Basic theory regarding the relationship of factors governing exposure.
Practical discussion and exercises on mode selection, composition, framing, focus, focal point, etc.

What to bring:
* You
* Your camera  (With a fully charged, or spare battery)
* Other lenses you may want to try/use
* An open mind
* If you use a laptop to catalogue your images, bring that too, or if you have some images that you would like to discuss, bring them on a flash stick.

Contact Alan @ 079 505 8348

Bookings Essential!!!
Limited number of places available.


Shoulder  to Head  Massage

Shoulder to Head Massage increases oxygen supply to the brain and tissues, improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system. It affects the cerebrospinal fluid that carries messages through the body and the self-healing mechanisms of the body are stimulated, resulting in the release of stress and muscles tension, which affords one the “luxury” of general relaxation.
On the physical level improvement is felt with migraines, insomnia, nasal congestion and sinusitis, and the mental benefits being clarity of thought, improved sleep, concentration and memory – all good reasons to experience a Shoulder to Head Massage. As with most touch therapies you feel nurtured, centred and relaxed.

Through our hectic and inactive lifestyles and sedentary occupations, many of us end up with poor posture, tense cramped shoulders, back, neck, face and jaw tension. One would have no problem competing with a tuned violin string!

 Shoulder to Head Massage can assist in coaxing the corresponding physiology back into alignment and with relieved muscle tension you are calmer, more relaxed and your body feels lighter. Course duration: 2 days   Investment: R460


Quantum-Touch is an easy, yet extremely powerful modality. It is what I call Light Touch Therapy, a profound healing technique and like all modalities it operates from the cornerstones of intention and integrity.

A few points incorporated in Quantum-Touch being, body awareness, breathing techniques that are very effective, how to amplify, focus and ‘run’ energy through a client or when doing a self-healing session. With these few basic points one is able to affect relief from back or hip pain, spontaneous skeletal re-alignment, inflammation and pain is dramatically reduced, blockages are released and the body finds balance and harmony.

Quantum-Touch for me, is another modality that falls into the category of a ‘mix & match’ technique, it is effective with Acupressure, Shoulder to Head Massage, Reflexology or Back Massage, where any of the aforementioned may be contra-indicated, it has been found that the light touch of Quantum-Touch is exceptionally effective.  Course duration: 2 days  Investment:  R5oo


Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is often referred to as ‘acupuncture without needles’ or ’emotional acupuncture’. EFT is an easy to learn tapping technique that will enhance your life by allowing the release of negative patterns, long held fears and phobias. It is a very effective yet gentle way of re-aligning the body’s energy pathways.

By realizing that negative emotion is fear based and being able to use EFT to overcome the problem or situation and release it, it is then that the result of balance being re-instated within the body’s energy system is experienced,  a lightening of the’ load’, as it were.

The only tools you need for Emotional Freedom Technique are two fingertips of either hand, positions on the face and body, terminology and or affirmations, intention and that will allow you to tap anywhere, any time, for anything and everything, should the need arise.

The EFT course takes you through short clips,  various tapping points and sequences in order to start the healing process, and so eliminate and address long standing, unresolved emotional issues – even those you perhaps thought you had dealt with. How one feels about an event or situation is the pivotal point, rather than the event itself.

Emotional Freedom Technique enhances self-esteem – confidence – respect, clears phobias and fears, very effective results are obtained for trauma victims.  Attending  an Introduction to E F T and becoming proficient in dealing with your own issues from anger to xenophobia will help you realize the life changing value it offers. Course duration: 1 day Investment:

Space Clearing

The art of Space Clearing is about intention, about de-cluttering, cleansing and clearing negativity and energy blocks from areas and objects, to clothes that are too big/small, uncomfortable shoes worn twice in four years but all kept ‘just in case’.

Through clearing and the removal of clutter, it is possible to raise the vibrational level of ones personal space in the home, office or car. A great deal of time is spent commuting to and from work, and the odd outburst at another driver, state of the road or detour lingers and builds up as patience evaporates!

If one feels sort of ‘stuck’ in life or in some issue of ones life, there will frequently be an area in ones personal space where there is a feeling of ‘stickiness or sluggishness’. By clearing the area one gets the energy flowing again, unimpeded.

Most of us carry a certain amount of clutter with us, be it emotional, physical or in our immediate environment. Something as simple let’s say, as a vase that Great Aunt Petunia gave you as a gift. It is ugly, the colour clashes with everything in the lounge, yet it comes out once a year when Great Aunt P visits. She is thrilled to bits! You get emotionally irritated every time you look at it. Move it, place it in another room during the visit, Great Aunt P will still see it… however, your emotional upset will dissipate and for the time needed the energy will flow freely in the lounge. Somewhere along the line however, you will have a decision to make…. keep it grudgingly or de-clutter… simple!

Space Clearing and de-cluttering is nothing new. Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers have been doing it for years…. back then we called it Spring Cleaning!

Whatever name it goes by, it shifts the blocks and negativity in ones life by allowing energy to flow freely and one finds it is easier to breathe and everyone seems to have changed!