If we choose a word, let’s say Happiness. We are told or we know it has a ‘set point’, and when that is broken down it looks like this: 50% genetic – 40% habit – 10% circumstances. Happiness does have many branches or off-shoots (feelings, etc.), it does however encapsulate positivity in all its forms.

Then if we look at the word Unhappiness (its 40% and 10% components and in all its various forms), we find it’s like velcro, and we know that sticks like crazy. So the question is, why do we continue to use ‘velcro’ in our speech and in our behaviour patterns, on a daily basis?

Toning down expletives and putting it mildly, words like; “hogwash” – “butterballs” – “cow patties” – “rubbish” – “nonsense I’m not unhappy” – “I don’t use ‘velcro’ speech”. All of this negation comes into our minds at the speed of light.  Why? We are hoping to place the responsibility at the door of the elusive phrase – “I will be happy when…………” – totally negating the previous paragraph!

However, we have to acknowledge and accept that unhappiness (or any form of negativity) is what we choose, at any given time or moment of our lives. Hard pill to swallow.

Let’s take a guess at a ‘set point’ for unhappiness, could be about; 0% genetics – 90% habit – 10% circumstances, don’t think those figures would be too far out. How do we go about changing these percentages – we opt for choice?

We need to substitute certain words in our vocabularies so they become ‘triggers’ and we whittle away at the unacceptable percentages, in order to bring about positive change and balance to our lives. It goes without saying, there also has to be determination, respect for self, self-acceptance,  honesty, and staying power, for the roots of positive change to occur.

If we start with words like; Choice, Change, Integrity, Joy, Laughter, Truth, Acceptance, Honesty, etc., it will be a first step towards liking ourselves again. It will be a choice we have made to re-invent ourselves and bring laughter, joy, serenity, calm, self-respect, positivity and balance back into our lives.

An added advantage of course is we re-discover how (without innuendoes) to articulate and express ourselves transparently and with integrity – we become  proud and fluent (which seems to be a “dying art”) once again in our home languages.  We have to remember, that energy follows thought and that the negativity of thoughts, words or phrases uttered, tend to spearhead the energy, and the result is a negative ripple effect throughout the universe. Imagine how lives would improve with more positivity permeating the ether. 100% AWESOMENESS :>)

How do we start?
First- We accept ownership.
Second- We simply make the choice to change. Nobody else can do it for us. Third- put this piece of oriental wisdom on our Vision Boards – No Door Leads To Happiness Or Unhappiness. Both Enter When You Ask Them To.

Be well and have a wonderful week:>)




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    Change is inevitable but how and what we change is our choice. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth after a particularly stressful day!

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