A Daily Intention

So the first week of 2013 has been and gone. Most people are ‘sort of’ back at work. I say sort of, because there will be raconteur conventions on most business premises recounting fun, food, frolics of the festive season.

Have you formulated an intention for this day? How your day will unfold and what it will bring you? What new experiences you will encounter?

Today is another chance at having a wonderful day, filled with new opportunities for you to LIVE your LIFE. You have to realize that with intention, comes the power and your innate ability to steer your life in the direction that is Best For You. After all, it is your life.

What better way of celebrating your life than to set and bring in to your life a daily intention, an intention of embracing every new day as another new opportunity to make the most of each moment in the day you are experiencing.

Live your life with intention, integrity and meaning, not for others, for YOU.

Being in the present moment is all you have. It is all there is.

Be well


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