‘Wanted’ – More Laughter

I have republished this with todays date  while I try to remember what I can and can’t change

1.  People who have a good laugh at least once a day.
2.  Do you think you are great fun to be with?
3.  Someone who can name at least 2 books that have made you laugh out loud.
4.  Someone who can take having the “mickey” taken out of them.
5.  Name 2 films that have had, or nearly had you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Generally speaking we really need to lighten up – in fact I would go as far as to say that it is becoming imperative for our health.

On a global scale more and more people are becoming stressed out, depressed, unable to cope, getting angry, becoming ill, and largely due in part to daily doses of negativity along the lines of crime, corruption, sabre rattling, fanaticism, as well as the all time favourite – GREED.

We need to take responsibility and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. In a lot of instances we can and are able to sort out our stress levels, coping mechanisms etc., in a more natural way by allowing ourselves some time and assistance, rather than going the chemical route with medication.

Something simple to try:
Stop watching the news or reading newspapers. Try it for 1 week, keep notes of what your days were like in those 7 days.
If you are a ‘news junkie’, you will probably experience ‘withdrawal symptoms’ for the first couple of days – believe me, you will survive!
If you really, really have to read a newspaper, please find one that is at least 48 hours old  that way you will be reading ‘history’!
Join a class of – Meditation, Chi kung, Yoga, Archery, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Origami, Gardening, Ikebana,  Water aerobics, Photography, Art, Music etc., etc.
If none of those work, learn Pranayama/Breathing technique.
Or just sit quietly for a few minutes and contemplate your navel!

It’s common knowledge now that the positive advantages of Laughter, Smiles, Hugs, Words or a Touch on the shoulder, have positive effects on the body and mind. These are priceless and natural gifts that are inherent in all of us and incredibly good habits to form. We just need to use them a whole heap more.

Smiles, hugs, touch, laughter and words are more than just being or having a momentary happy or joyful experience. Without any realization on our part there is an automatic release of endorphins into the body and we receive a total ‘tune-up’. Blood pressure comes down, breathing improves, lungs, back and stomach muscles all get a good work-out. Our eyes sparkle, posture improves, we feel great, sleep better, and we look younger.

It is obvious that one cannot be happy and up-beat all of the time. However, I do believe that in the majority of cases and circumstances, it is how we choose to react to any given situation that determines our happiness, experiences, abundance (in all its many forms) and our positivity in and to life.

If you are someone who fills the 5 criteria of the ‘wanted’ – more laughter, do share your secret or experiences and let us know how you manage to stay up-beat and positive.

Be well





De-Stress Your Home

If within your waking hours things are planned properly you will find enough time to do small tidy-up jobs around the house.
Families need to pull together, more so nowadays than in the past. In many households both parents work, and if there are children, they too need to become involved.
Making a commitment, working as a unit and by doing small jobs around the house on a regular daily basis, means that everyone will find life so much easier and will be able to find a bit more time to breathe, talk, relax, laugh and have fun in a de-cluttered home.
Not for one minute am I advocating fluffing-up or straightening cushions on chairs or lounge suites and then not letting anyone sit down! A home needs a tidy ‘lived in’ look, not a look that resembles the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado having passed through.
If the ten suggestions don’t fit, make up your own. Not much in life is cast in stone.

1.  Make your bed in the morning. Even “knee-biters” can straighten their beds, they are in training.
2.  Tidy the bathroom when you have finished. Wash the bath so it’s ready for the next person. Hang your towel up properly. Wipe down the misted-up mirror. Put the cap back on the toothpaste tube and your toothbrush where it is supposed to be. Clean the basin. All this only takes a few minutes.
3.  Never hang your clothes ‘up’ on the floor. If they are dirty put them in the wash basket. If you are going to wear them again, put them on a hanger.
4.  If you recycle have a specific area for papers, cans, bottles etc., piles of clutter are really depressing, not to mention gatherers of dust.
5.  Make a notice board for all those notes and messages that are stuck on the refrigerator. Note them on a calendar or in a diary. De-clutter – your food is in there!
6.  Keep the kitchen tidy, wash and dry dishes, cups or glasses. Wipe down the sink, the stove top and counter tops.
7.  Empty the rubbish bin if it is full, especially last thing at night.
8.  Children’s clothes should be put away by the ‘owners’ if they are able to reach drawers or cupboards. They want to look ‘cool’ – so it teaches them to pack away neatly.
9. ‘Ankle-biters’ need a small basket to put all their toys, frogs and worldly goods in! It’s the start of basic 1-0-1 of de-cluttering, and they too are in training.
10. Do a quick pick up before you go to bed, you will sleep better. It is a wonderful way to start a new day…. nothing left lying around to trip over, no dishes in the sink.

With everyone pitching in it becomes a win/win situation, a way of life not a chore. Everyone who pulls their weight becomes a Role Model in the ‘pecking order’ of their family and in their life. It does not go unnoticed by family, friends or school mates .

Be well







Thieves of Time

Procrastination seems to be alive and well and comes in many different guises.  Excuses, dithering, vacillation, delaying, wavering, justification.

Some would argue that it has nothing to do with excuses, that it is simply a case of : ‘not enough time, swamped at work, school work, extra lessons, work late, it is scheduled for tomorrow, need a new paint brush’, etc., etc., the list is endless. Bet there are some heads nodding in agreement. Why? Because tomorrow never quite gets here!

The bottom line is if there is something that needs to be done, attended to, patched, darned, cleaned, goal to be achieved, decision to be made, change in life-style, book to be written, painting to be finished, or whatever……  YOU KNOW IT, SO DO IT.

Be Counted. Step forward and take responsibility for and own the situation or problem. Not enough time, equipment, where-with-all, support, etc., these are all excuses. Become a ‘no-excuses person’. Step forward……  Be a Role Model.

Motivation. Simplicity itself. Be realistic, list the pro’s and con’s, seek professional advice if needed. Be sure and clear about why you want it and your reason for accomplishing or achieving it, your goal or dream……  Be Passionate. 

Solutions. 99.9% of problems have solutions. Need a reliable car, lose some weight, new job, get fit, etc. Look around, ask around, step out of your comfort zone. I care not what you believe or have been told in the past about your abilities or capabilities.There is no doubt in my mind that you are definitely smarter and stronger than you think you are. Shed the – yes, but’s……  Be The Beneficiary.

End Result.  Be Passionate. Be Positive. Pay attention. Focus on the positive outcome of what you are able to and want to achieve. Ultimately, and to a large extent, you are the helmsman and navigator of your life. You know all this and more, so……  Be A Doer.

Be well




Still Then

A few more recollections of  times gone by.

*Fresh milk had cream that would rise to the top of the bucket or bottle. You would skim it, whip it, churn it, and end up with wonderful home made cream, butter and cheese. Children knew milk came from cows, a four legged bovine.

*A small vegetable patch in the back yard would supply the family and maybe one or two friends. Succulent soft skinned tomatoes, vegetables that were allowed to grow up.
Not golf ball size gem squash, pods that have two or three tiny peas just starting to form …. s-no-w peas, good description!.
Seed could be collected for the next growing season. Good luck with today’s  genetically modified seeds.

*Mangoes had ‘hairy’ pips and the best place to eat them was in the bath, they were so juicy and tasty. Planted the pip and grew another tree.
Mango pips are virtually ‘bald’ now and good luck with growing a tree that will bear fruit.

Then there was family time, games played by all, spectators would usually be the smallest ‘ankle biters’.

*Family entertainment would include various board games, darts, carpet bowls etc.
*Football, cricket, bicycle polo played on the front or back lawn.
*Trips on bicycles down to the river to catch a few fish. Bonus – you learnt how to clean, gut and cook a fish on an open fire.
*Listening to talks or serials on the radio or reading books developed your imagination, The result was that youngsters wrote excellent essays at school.
Their work, not Mum, Dad’s or the Internet.

Probably ‘sticking my neck out’, however, from what I have observed and listened to, I think a great number of young ones and teenagers are unable to conjure up a scene whilst either reading or listening to a tale being narrated.
Images are readily supplied via television, dvd’s, internet, facebook, twitter etc.
Generally speaking communication skills leave a lot to be desired.
I have personally observed children and adults sitting in the same room and texting each other! How’s that for communication and role modelling!

Not going to touch on all the EMF’s floating around. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying technology sucks – I am saying that most people have no idea how to use it to their advantage and in a less harmful way.
Without technology I would not be able to voice my opinions, points of view or reminisce.

Be well





Well I did eventually enjoy my tea and toast, and with the marmalade the charcoal was an added bonus of little crunchy healths running through my body. I was still just relaxing, enjoying the tea when my cell phone disturbed the peace, ringing and vibrating on the desk in my office.  Answering the call I found the reception so bad I asked my caller to hold while I looked for a tall tree to climb in the hopes of improving reception! Fortunately it was somebody who knew me and was aware of my warped or peculiar sense of humour.

Returning to savour the last of my tea, my thoughts turned to the general lack of telephone communications, be it lack of land lines, theft of cables for the copper content, inefficient service or plain lack of cutting edge technology ‘know how’. There  is not what I would refer to as any healthy, service orientated, business competition within the telecommunication sector here.

This got me recollecting some of  ‘the good old days’. How much more peaceful life was, little or no stress, definitely a more laid back time.

*Remembering the art and success of toast done to a turn on the top of a good old fashioned coal or wood stove.
*Telephone would ring and there was no need to do a fifty yard/fifteen metre dash (clue to my era). Generally you could get there in your own time, because whoever was on shift at the exchange more than likely knew if you were home or out working!
*Someone in Lusaka fell off a horse and broke a leg, and if you were in Kitwe or further afield, you would probably hear about it via the ‘grapevine’, in lets say 48 hours. No time for panic to set in!.
With today’s technology the rider would still be on his way down to kiss the grit and within a few minutes the scenario would be on You Tube, or captured on somebody’s cell.
*It was a time when everyone knew just about everyone else.
*How many neighbours or people in your road, complex to do really know?
*I hang my head in shame – not that many.
*Typewriters, carbon paper, two colour ribbons, black and red! Wow technology.
*Your Physician knew you, your family history, probably brought you and your children into the world. It was a time when doctors still made house calls!
A lot of people feel like account or file numbers now. You get noticed or known if you lean towards hypochondria.

Ah well, those were the days and before I am shot down in flames – yes technology can be great, I am endeavouring to use it and to move with the times, slow as the process may be!

Be well